Throughout their school career, we support and encourage our pupils to be proactive in their thinking, to be organised and self-motivated developing their independence, which in turn, builds their self-confidence. By providing a wide range of opportunities for pupils to try new things, we allow them to develop the confidence they need to stand by their own beliefs and dare to be different.

Driven to develop her skills
Be passionate

Georgia is incredibly driven to be the best she can be. She has received three Academic Distinctions this year for some outstanding pieces of work. She has recently been selected for the Surrey Satellite Development Squad for netball. A keen player, Georgia was determined to improve her sporting skills and took part in additional training sessions at the weekend prior to the selection process. In the cricket term, Georgia is often seen self-analysing and evaluating her bowling action, to constantly develop improvement, in doing so embodying the independent and tenacious traits we look to instil here at Dunottar.

Taking on an umpire role
Be proactive

Two of our pupils, Christian in Year 12 and Lucy in Year 11, have both gone above and beyond with their commitment to supporting sports fixtures at Dunottar. During the football and cricket seasons, Christian gave up his free time at the weekend to coach a number of the school football teams when he wasn’t involved in the matches himself. He has been a great support to the PE staff, with his proactive approach and commitment to the sport. Lucy supported the school at a Lacrosse tournament in 2019, offering herself in both a coaching and umpiring capacity. Initially, she displayed courage but was also a little apprehensive of her ability to umpire lacrosse. However, by the end of the tournament Lucy was not only confident and independent in her ability to umpire her allocation of fixtures, but her confidence had grown so much that she offered to umpire additional fixtures.

Leading "The Producers" choreography
Be organised

With an incredible passion for dance, Rosie, a Year 12 pupil, rose to the challenge of being solely responsible for the creation of the choreography for the whole school musical The Producers. Rosie worked hard to produce a repertoire that all the cast were able to perform, irrespective of their previous dance experience. The production was over 2 hours long, had a cast of over 80 pupils and contained no less than 15 musical numbers each containing an element of choreography.

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