French and Spanish

Modern Languages at Dunottar

The Modern languages department at Dunottar strives to provide a high-quality language experience for our pupils.

The department boasts expertise and an environment where pupils value and enjoy languages. They are also provided with opportunities to gain insight into other cultures and ways of life through our International Award programme and our foreign exchange programmes with schools in Madrid and Angers.

As a department, we support our pupils with an open-door policy, but also encourage them to become independent and inquisitive, qualities that are essential for all successful linguists. We aim to continually improve the language experience for our pupils and to give leadership opportunities for those who are keen on reinforcing the importance of learning a language amongst their peers.

MFL and iPads

Integrating iPads into our teaching and learning has helped us develop practical ways to improve learning in the MFL classroom. Apps such as BookCreator, Clips and VoicRecordPro, enhance our learners’ confidence to use languages orally and enable pupils to be creative and immerse themselves in the target language.

Beyond the Classroom

Outside of the classroom, we offer a thriving programme of clubs and activities to enhance pupils love and enjoyment of foreign languages:

  • Foreign Film Club
  • Russian Club
  • Italian Club
  • French and Spanish Poetry Club
  • Duolingo Quizlet Club
  • Grammar Club
MFL Poetry Live Competition

In Years 7 and 8, pupils have the opportunity to study two languages: French and Spanish, for two lessons per week, per language. At the end of Year 8, pupils chose between French and Spanish, with a few encouraged to study both languages.

In Year 9, an emphasis on grammar including, tenses and securing more advanced knowledge, especially in productive skills, will constitute the basis of their future success for our GCSE pupils.

Languages Week

Every year we host Languages Week, a diverse celebration of the cultural influences that make learning a new language so exciting.

This year activities included a taster session in Russian Club, complete with caviar and blinis, a European flag icing workshop, impressionism with Cézanne, lunchtime language workshops and a brilliant performance of Viva España from The Flying theatre.

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