Dunottar School PTA (registered charity) is for all parents (past & present) and is an essential and valued part of our whole school community.   All our current parents are automatically members of the Parent Teacher Association.  

We have two guiding principles that underpin why we are here:

C for Community –
The PTA serves to link the school with the wider community through social events for our families, friends and beyond to enjoy.

F for Fundraising –
Fun isn’t in fundraising for nothing!  We really believe in the FUN bit!  The PTA helps support the learning journey our children are on and helps raise money to fund resources that the school may need but does not have. 

Annually the money raised contributes towards such things as trips, prizes, equipment…

Dunottar School PTA is run entirely by current parent volunteers who come together as a team and give up a huge amount of time for the greater good of our school.  We work together with our year group parent representatives (class reps) to help maintain effective communication between the school and parents/children and get together once each half term at a PTA meeting.  We also play a very important part in welcoming new families into our school.

Each of our year groups have parent representatives (class reps) who become involved in PTA meetings and help the PTA team to organise worthwhile and fun activities to foster our sense of community.

If you would like to find out more about the Dunottar PTA, please visit their website: or follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch.


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