A Level Politics

Why Study Politics?

Studying Politics at A Level is a stimulating experience which thrives on discussion and debate.  Students are expected to express opinions and consider issues from a wide range of perspectives.  This creates an engaging environment in which we explore the theoretical and ideological issues of, amongst other matters, whether referendums are the best way to make decisions and what we actually mean when we discuss democracy.

Politics is an academic subject which develops intellectual skills such as the ability to analyse and evaluate information and to identify competing ideologies and views.  Essay writing is a vital component and by the end of the course all students will achieve a high degree of competence in their ability to structure written work, to express points lucidly and to ensure balance in their arguments.

Course Outline and Assessment

The course comprises three components:

  1. Basic British Politics including participation, political parties, voting behaviour, electoral systems and the media.
    Core Political Ideas which includes conservatism, liberalism and socialism.
  1. Basic UK Government including the constitution, Parliament, the PM and Executive branches.
    A choice of a further Political Idea chosen from anarchism, feminism, ecologism, nationalism and multiculturalism.
  1. Global Politics including global governance, human and environmental rights, regionalism, sovereignty and globalisation, political and economic global governance.

What are the Career Opportunities?

Power, who has it and how it is used is key to our understanding of both the society in which we live and that of the world.  Politics is the way in which we strive to solve conflicts which arise from different points of view and ideologies.  It is the route through which people seek to resolve issues and create better societies.  As a student of politics you will develop your ability to identify and weigh up arguments, to find ways through disagreement and to have an appreciation of how different solutions might benefit some rather than others.  You will gain a wider and deeper understanding of world affairs and how they impact on your daily life.

Politics blends well with a wide range of other A Level subjects such as Business & Economics, History, Sociology and English.  But it does not only appeal to social science students and can add a creative and analytical element to those following a Maths / Sciences path.  For anyone considering a career in the professions, Politics A Level is a useful subject which develops sought-after skills.  From law, journalism and the media, to researcher roles in parliament or even being a future Prime Minister, the career paths are varied and interesting.

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