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Art Scholarships

Art Scholars will benefit from the excellent teaching and facilities at Dunottar to enable them to explore a range of styles and media.  They are encouraged to develop their own creativity and their own personal style.

The programme is supplemented by enrichment opportunities inside and outside the school environment including networking with local working artists, competitions, museum trips and practical workshops.

Art Scholars will benefit from:

  • Workshops with local ‘practising’ artists.
  • Visits to artists’ studios.
  • Specialist in-house workshops with the Art Department.
  • Visits to exhibitions and places of interest.
  • Exposure to TED talks with practising artists to develop knowledge and build an understanding of current trends and practices across the visual arts industry.
  • Access to careers events focusing specifically on the Creative Arts Industry.
  • Younger pupils are also invited to work alongside older scholars to develop their skills, ideas, and ambitions.
  • Opportunity for work to be submitted for competitions
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