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Staff List


Mr M Tottman, MA (Oxon), MBA

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Broughton, B.A. Hons (Worcester), MEd (Bucks), Deputy Head (Pastoral), Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs R Stringer, B.A. Hons (Warwick), P.G.C.E., M.C.C.T., Director of Studies

English Department

Mr M Broughton, B.A. Hons (Worcester), MEd (Bucks)
Ms K Lewis, M.B.A. (De Montfort),  B.Ed. Hons (Sunderland), Head of Department
Dr I McClure BA Hons (Oxon.), M.A., P.G.C.E., PhD
Ms S van Duijvenvoorde, B.A. Hons (Central Lancashire), P.G.C.E.
Mrs R Ballantyne, B.A. Hons (Keele), P.G.C.E. (Bath), M.A.

Mathematics Department

Mrs N Budgen, B.Comm (Durban, SA), P.G.C.E.
Mrs L Chessell, B.Sc. Hons (Durham), P.G.C.E.
Mrs J Gentle, BSc Hons (Loughborough), P.G.C.E., Head of Department
Mrs R MacTavish, B.Sc. Hons (York), A.C.M.A., C.S.B.M., P.G.C.E.
Mrs S Ryde, B.Sc. (Bristol), P.G.C.E.

Science Department

Mr C Andrews, BSc Hons. (Birmingham), P.G.C.E.
Mrs H Davison, B.Sc. Hons (Southampton), P.G.C.E., Head of Biology
Mr T Dawson, Head of Physics, B.Sc. Hons (Nottingham), G.T.P
Miss R Luke, B.Sc. Hons (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Mrs R Pope, B.Sc. Hons (Nottingham) P.G.C.E., M.C.C.T., Head of Chemistry
Mrs J O’Dwyer, B.Sc. Hons (Durham), P.G.C.E.
Mrs S Sagar, M.Sc. (Coventry), B.Sc. Hons (Birmingham), P.G.C.E.
Mr G Taylor, MA Ed (Chichester), BA QTS (Brighton)

Foreign Languages Department

Mrs S Bartlett-Rawlings, B.A. Hons (Open University), P.G.C.E., Head of Department
Ms A Maffi, B.A. Hons (Southampton), P.G.C.E.
Mrs E Man, B.A. Combined Hons (Exeter), P.G.C.E
Mrs C Pennels, BSc Hons (Surrey), P.G.C.E.

Computing Department

Mrs S Berry, BSc. Hons (Exeter), P.G.C.E., Head of Department
Mrs S Goldring, B.Sc. Hons (Cardiff), M.Sc. (UCL), P.G.C.E.

Design & Technology Department

Mrs F Exley, B.Sc Hons (Brighton), P.G.C.E., Head of Department (maternity leave)
Mr M Nelson, Head of Department (maternity cover)

Geography Department

Mrs M Buchanan, B.A. Hons (Newscastle), M.A. (Sheffield), G.T.P
Mrs N Jackson, B.Sc. Hons (Sheffield), P.G.C.E.
Mrs S Thorne, B.A. Hons (Leicester), P.G.C.E., Head of Department

Economics & Business and Government & Politics Department

Mrs N Wintle, M.A. (Oxon) P.G.C.E. Head of Department

History Department

Mrs J Boden, M.A. (St Andrews), P.G.C.E., F.C.T.T.,  Head of Department
Miss A Nawaz, B.A. (Brunel), P.G.C.E.
Mrs R Stringer, B.A. Hons (Warwick), P.G.C.E.

Art & Design Department

Ms B Horn  B.A. Hons (WSCAD), P.G.C.E. Head of Department
Mr J Kopiel, B.A. Hons (UEL), M.A. (RCA), P.G.C.E.

Music Department

Mr T Lowe, B.Mus. Hons (Guildhall School of Music & Drama), M.A., DipRam, P.G.C.E.
Miss E Pettet, B.Mus. Hons (Surrey), P.G.Cert. (Guildhall School of Music & Drama), P.G.C.E., DipABRSM, Director of Music and Head of Co-Curricular

Performing Arts Department

Mrs T Jago, B.A. Hons (Hull), P.G.C.E., Head of Department (maternity leave)
Mrs S van Duijvenvoorde, B.A. Hons (Central Lancashire), P.G.C.E. Acting Head of Department

Photography Department

Mr M Huxley, B.Sc Hons (Westminster), PGDip P.G.C.E. Head of Department

Physical Education Department

Mrs E Bambridge, Sports Coach
Mr M Everett, B.Sc Hons (Brighton), P.G.C.E.
Miss N Grant, B.Sc Hons (Loughborough), P.G.C.E
Mr S Manning, B.A. Hons (Exeter) P.G.C.E., Director of Sport
Mr D McColl, BSc (Bristol), P.G.C.E., Head of Lacrosse
Mr J Myers, B.Sc Hons (Chichester), P.G.C.E., Head of Cricket
Mrs E Pieters, B.A. Hons (Brighton), Q.T.S., Head of Girls’ Sport

Psychology Department

Mr D Kokott, B.A. (Stellenbosch), P.G.C.E. (Stellenbosch), CertCoun (Kingston), Head of Department

Religious Studies & Philosophy Department

Mr P Cooper, B.A. (Nottingham), P.G.C.E. (Brighton), Head of Department
Mrs K Wells, B.A. (University of Wales Lampeter), P.G.C.E.

Sociology Department

Mrs M Buchanan, B.A. Hons (Newscastle), M.A. (Sheffield), G.T.P
Mrs J Boden, M.A. (St Andrews), P.G.C.E., F.C.T.T.,  Head of Department

Food & Nutrition Department

Ms A French, BEd (HomeEc) (Sydney University Australia), Head of Department
Mrs S Giblin, Food & Nutrition Assistant


Mrs R Ballantyne, B.A. Hons (Keele), P.G.C.E. (Bath), M.A., Head of Department

Special Needs

Mrs A Aylwin, R.S.A. Dip, S.P.L.d, Special Needs Co-ordinator
Mrs K Hanlon, BSocSci Hons (Keele)
Ms S Saward, B.A. Hons (London), PG. Dip Dyslexia and Literacy, A.M.B.D.A., L.T.C.L., Q.T.S., C.E.L.T.A, Deputy SENCo

School Counsellor

Mrs J Gumm, B.A (Hons), P.G Dip Couns, M.A (CBT), Adv Cert Sup, P.G Dip Sup, MBACP Reg (Accred)

Peripatetic Staff

Mrs S Dembinska, B.A. (Christchurch), Performance Diploma (Trinity)—Piano
Mrs A Morse–Glover – Clarinet, Saxophone & Flute
Miss C Morse-Glover, BMus(Hons) (G.S.M.D), MA, Prof.Dip, Dip.(R.A.M.) – Cello
Miss L Nagioff, Dip.N.C.O.S. – Violoncello
Mr J Park – Drums
Mr C Thompson, B.A. Hons (East Anglia), M.T.C. – Voice
Miss C Walford, A.I.S.T.D. (Dip) – Dance
Mrs Z Eborn, B.A.- M.U.S. G.R.N.C.M. – Violin
Miss E Reynolds, B.A. (Oxon) – Music Theory & Violin
Ms L Sánchez de Haro, BMus, MPerf (G.S.M.D)
Mrs C Stapel, B.A. (Amsterdam Conservatorium) – Violin
Mr F Malafronte, B.mus, M.mus, Art.Dip. (R.C.M.)
Mrs C Daniels, (G.R.N.C.M.), (P.P.R.N.C.M.)
Mr C Watts – Drama
Mr J. Weaver, B.A. (Hons.) (G.B.S.M.), Teaching Studies (G.B.S.M.), (L.T.C.L), A.B.S.M., A.R.C.O., Cert. Ed.

Support Staff

Mrs C Allison, School Nurse, RGN
Dr R Ashworth, B.Sc Hons, PhD (Brighton), Senior Science Technician
Mrs D Clarke, PA to SLT
Mr A Cotton, Estates Manager
Ms F Covell, Science Technician
Mr G Davies, Finance Officer
Mrs M Dennehy, Catering Manager
Mr L Doe, Weekend Premises Officer
Mrs S Edwards, Head of Admissions
Mr M Exley, D&T Technician
Mrs S Fribbance, Finance and Admin Manager
Mr C Fuller, IT Apprentice
Mrs J Hyden, Maintenance Assistant
Mrs J Jones, School Secretary
Mrs C Kendrick, PA to Headmaster
Mr A Kerr, Data Manager
Mrs L Longstaff, Examinations Officer
Mrs S Machacek, Art Technician
Mrs L Moon, Accounts Assistant / Reception
Mr T Stevens, B.Sc Hons (Staffordshire), Network Manager
Mrs A Tarrant, Academic Projects Coordinator
Mrs L Taylor, Outreach Manager
Mr E Thomas, Operations Manager
Mrs K Tomlinson, Learning Resources Coordinator
Mrs R Tottman, Admissions & External Relations Manager
Mrs P Vadher, School Administrator
Mrs G Wiles, B.Sc Hons (Aston), Marketing Manager
Mr J Woods, Premises Officer
Mrs L Wootton BA Hons (Essex) MA CIPD (Westminster), HR Manager

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