Scholarships are awarded to pupils who enter the school in years 7 and 12.  These pupils are expected to be exceptional in their performance and potential. Our Scholars’ programme has been designed to provide Dunottar Scholars with an enriching experience that will bring out the best in our most able pupils.

We expect our Scholars to show real commitment to their scholarship subject(s), to aim high, not simply for their own benefit, but to have a positive impact on their peer group and other pupils as advocates of their subject areas.

The Scholars’ programme is overseen by Heads of Department and comprises a series of Oxbridge style tutorials, practical workshops, presentations, outings and networking opportunities designed to further develop Dunottar’s signature Warrior Learner attributes: aspiration, creativity, tenacity, independence, curiosity, collaboration and inclusivity.

Autumn Term Scholarship Programme

SeptemberHead of RS and Philosophy will lead a lunchtime seminar on the point of education
Head of Computer Science will lead a lunchtime seminar on AI
OctoberHead of Art & Design will lead a lunchtime art seminar
Independent Senior Intelligence and Analysis Advisor
NovemberLunchtime seminar on Amnesty International
Prof Trevor M Jones, visiting professor at King’s College London and a former Head of R&D at Wellcome
Lunchtime science seminar
DecemberDirector of Sport will lead a lunchtime seminar on physical exercise and mental well-being
Toby Melville – Sports photographer of the year, from Thomson Reuters

Scholars are expected to attend all events unless excused by their Head of Year and most sessions will also be open to all pupils in the upper school who will be actively encouraged to attend.

Applying for a Scholarship

The Senior Leadership Team will be looking for pupils, during the entry assessments, who demonstrate Dunottar’s core values and who have the most potential to contribute to school life. These judgements will be made based on the experience of meeting pupils at interview and from school reports.

Academic Scholarships

There is no application process for an Academic Scholarship.  These are awarded to those pupils who reach the highest standard in the entrance assessments and show the greatest potential for growth.

Overseen by Mrs Wintle, Head of Politics, Economics and Business, Academic Scholars play a vital role in school life as ambassadors of their favourite subject(s), benefiting from a programme of workshops, presentations and debates to develop their abstract thinking.

Art Scholarships and Design & Technology Scholarships

Art and D&T Scholars will benefit from the excellent teaching and facilities at Dunottar to enable them to explore a range of styles and media.  They are encouraged to develop their own creativity and their own personal style.

The programme is supplemented by enrichment opportunities inside and outside the school environment including networking with local working artists, competitions, museum trips and practical workshops.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships are awarded to exceptional musicians in any instrument.

Music Scholars play an integral role in school productions, concerts and at local and national Music Scholars’ performances. Supported by brilliant teaching, our Scholars benefit from a portfolio of enriching activities including masterclasses with professional musicians, composition workshops, solo recitals and mentoring to achieve a high level in the Arts Awards for Music Scholars scheme.

Performing Arts Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded to those pupils who exhibit exceptional talent in drama, dance or musical theatre.

These Scholars play a leading role in school productions, performances and concerts and benefit from a rich tapestry of enrichment outside the classroom including a Performing Arts Scholars’ performance, the Shakespeare Schools Festival, workshops with industry professionals and theatre trips.

Our Scholars are given regular support from the departmental team and they are supported in their ambition to secure a career in the arts.

Sports Scholarships

Sport Scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate huge potential across a variety of sports including (for girls) lacrosse, netball, cricket and athletics and (for boys) rugby, football, cricket and athletics.

Dunottar Sports Scholars benefit from regular performance assessments with the support of the PE department, analysing and evaluating their results and building training programmes to maximise future success.

This is enhanced by a series of inspirational talks with professional sportsmen and women sharing their stories of success and failures, and the commitment and lifestyle choices they have to make.

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