Students playing snooker

Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form Centre

Pupils have access to a state-of-the-art Sixth Form centre, which provides a modern, university-style working space with both silent study and collaborative work rooms, social spaces, the Pelican café and a recreation room with pool table.

Sixth Form life differs immensely from time spent in the Senior School. Pupils are handed an independence that they haven’t experienced previously; the freedom to pursue subjects that really excite them, study periods, and the ability to choose your next step in life. Relationships with teachers become more rewarding and informal, whilst still providing support and guidance when required.

“The best thing about the Sixth Form Centre is the cafe and seating area as it allows us to relax and enjoy sixth form life. The dedicated facilities make you feel more responsible, independent and prepared for the outside world.”

Emily, Year 13

“Having access to a silent study room means that I can get on with my work without being disturbed and in a nice environment. The cafe is very sociable space but it’s great to have the study rooms to get away from all the noise and get on with work.”

Olivia, Year 13

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