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What kind of school is Dunottar?

Dunottar is a co-educational independent day school for ages 11 to 18.

At what ages do pupils join?

The main intake is in Year 7 and Year 12. Read more about the admissions procedure.

What is the entrance procedure?

For Year 7 entry prospective pupils take part in our Warrior Learner assessments, which assess their creativity and how they work with other children. They will also sit entrance assessments and have an interview with a friendly member of staff.  For Year 12 entry prospective students are interviewed by the Headmaster and the Deputy Head (Academic), and offers are subject to GCSE results.  Further details about the admissions procedure can be found here. 

What are the fees?

For 2023-24, the termly fees for all years are £7,362 (for payments by direct debit) or £7,462 (for payments by other methods – BACS/Credit card).  Further information about Dunottar’s school fees can be found here.

Can my child join during the academic year?

We only take new pupils in September into Year 7 and Year 12. Our waiting list comprises pupils who have already taken our entry assessments. If you wish to add your child’s name to our enquiry list, then please email with your child’s name, DOB, current school, and parents’ contact details.

Is financial assistance available?

We offer a limited number of means tested Bursaries. These are awarded on entry from Year 7 and are reviewed annually.  We do not offer full bursaries and parents are expected to make a contribution to the fees.

Parents/guardians seeking a Bursary are required to complete an application form to establish the financial circumstances of the household and will be visited at home by United Learning’s Assessment provider, Bursary Administration Ltd.

Applications for financial assistance should be submitted by 23rd August 2024 (for 2025 entry).

Please note that Bursary applications for combined incomes over £70,000 may not be considered. Bursaries are only available in the minority of the most deserving cases and no assumption should be made that financial assistance can or will be given.

For further details about applying for a Bursary award, please contact the Admissions Department on 01737 761945.

Where do pupils live?

Dunottar School is located just outside Reigate town centre (visit our Contact  page for a map and full details).  Pupils live throughout the local area and transport links are excellent meaning that pupils can reach the school from a wide catchment area.

How do pupils travel to Dunottar School?

The school is conveniently located for travel by car, bus, coach and train.  The school has a coach service which serves the surrounding area.  There is also a late bus on some days for those pupils staying at after school activities.

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From which schools do pupils join Dunottar?

Pupils join Dunottar from a large number of schools, both independent prep schools and local state schools.  There is no one feeder school and pupils are welcomed from a wide range of backgrounds and junior schools.  Dunottar has excellent links with local schools and is always keen to extend and deepen these connections.

What is the normal school day routine?

School begins with registration at 8.30am, followed by assembly.  We have six lessons during the day (each lesson is 55 minutes long) and lessons end at 4.00pm.  Lunch is served in the hall and pupils can choose to take part in clubs and activities at lunchtimes and after school.

What is the homework schedule?

At Dunottar we believe it is important to achieve a healthy balance between school work and family life.  Homework has an important role to play in consolidating and reinforcing learning but we do not set excessive homework.  In Year 7 pupils can expect to receive three 20 minute pieces of homework per night, while in Year 9 they should expect four to five 25 minute pieces.

What sort of co-curricular activities can pupils do at Dunottar?

There is never a dull moment at Dunottar!  The range of co-curricular activities is designed to make sure there is something on offer for everyone with an interesting mix of clubs that let pupils pursue hobbies and develop new skills while making friends and having fun.  Find out more here.

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Year 7 Admissions – September 2025

If you are looking for a Year 7 place in September 2025, please make sure your child is registered to sit our entrance assessments by 9am on 24th September 2024.

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