The study of History is so much more than just remembering key facts and dates. Although important, we are also encou

raging our pupils from Year 7 onwards to develop skills of analysis, developing arguments, justifying and considering significance, change and continuity.

At KS3, pupils are taught to understand how developments from the Middle Ages to the C20th have helped shape the economic, social, cultural and political structure of modern Britain. Much of our teaching is based around enquiry questions.

Beyond the Classroom

We have an excellent programme of trips and opportunities for pupils to further develop their interest in the subject which currently include Reigate Caves, Hampton Court, World War One battlefields and Berlin. We also run a History club for lower school and encourage pupils to participate in national competitions and invite in speakers.

Cross-curricular Learning

We are strong supporters of the cross-curricular approach to learning and the World War One day for Year 9 students really allows them to develop the Warrior Learner characteristics of curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

I like that we look at lots of different topics within History. This makes it very interesting. I especially like learning about some of the gory details such as about the Black Death.

Year 7 pupil

I really like History because we do lots of different activities in the lessons, including class discussions and debating.

Year 7 pupil

It is very interesting learning about things that have happened in the past and it’s cool to see how much life has changed in England.

Year 7 pupil
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