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Physics is a fascinating subject that seeks to understand the universe we live in. Physicists have been responsible for some of the most ground breaking and influential discoveries throughout history. Humanity’s knowledge of nature has allowed us to land on the moon, develop global, near instant, communication systems and harness the energy resources of the planet and sun to fuel our modern society.

As Newton once said ‘if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’. At Dunottar we aim to provide this platform for pupils so that they build a comprehensive understanding, and most importantly a passion, of modern physics. Concepts are brought to life by using varied simulations, demonstrations, models and practicals to give students an instinctive understanding of how nature works. Material is also reviewed regularly to embed key information and allow students time to link topics and concepts together to develop understanding of Physics as a whole.

Beyond the Classroom

Pupils are encouraged to participate in thought-provoking events such as our Science Symposium about genetic engineering led by professors from the Oxford International Biomedical Centre. STEM Learning (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is encouraged across all three Sciences through rewarding students with the CREST award to recognise their independent research and execution of a practical that answers a question that interests them, as well as in inter-school STEM contest run by SATRO.

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