Learning Support

1:1 lessons in Dunottar Learning Support Department are taught by fully qualified Dyslexia Specialists and will be tailored to the needs of each pupil dependent on findings from their specialist reports. These sessions will be likely to cover areas such as spelling, reading accuracy, reading fluency, inferential reasoning and skimming and scanning texts in conjunction with the curriculum. Pupils can also work on revision and study skills, touch typing and organisation. We encourage the use of their iPads and computers where appropriate. Training can also be given on the use of reader pens.

40 minute lessons will take place during the school day or sometimes during the lunch break. If it is possible to take a pupil out of a non-curriculum lesson, i.e. Library sessions or Expanding Horizons then we will arrange this, otherwise a discussion will be had with the pupil to arrange suitable times, normally on a rotational basis. We endeavour to not take pupils out of their favourite subjects.

Learning Support lesson fees are £360.00 for the term for 1:1 lessons (based on a pupil having 10 lessons per term).
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