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Mission Statement, Aims & Ethos

Mission Statement

Dunottar will bring out the best in your child. We will nurture them to be confident and compassionate individuals, to be involved in our community and to stretch themselves to achieve their academic best. As Warrior Learners, every pupil will leave us with aspirations, ready to be creative and collaborative in the world beyond Dunottar, taking with them our principles of curiosity, independence, tenacity and inclusivity.

Our Aims & Ethos

The aim of Dunottar is to offer an outstanding education to boys and girls and, through excellent teaching and high levels of individual support, to enable our pupils to achieve added value comparable with what is achieved in the top schools in the UK. Dunottar is a vibrant, co-educational secondary school which, as part of United Learning’s family of schools, shares the group’s core values of ambition, confidence, determination, creativity, respect and enthusiasm along with the objective of bringing out the “Best in Everyone”.  Dunottar celebrates achievement in its broadest sense resulting in a community of happy, confident pupils who achieve their first choice ambition for their future education and employment.

At Dunottar we:

  • aim to be renowned for, and measure our own success through, our outstanding pastoral care and exceptional added value both within and beyond the classroom.
  • enable children and teachers to achieve spectacular outcomes by encouraging them to exhibit the seven behaviours of ‘warrior learners’; aspiration, creativity, curiosity, tenacity, independence, collaboration and inclusivity, preparing them for the fast paced and ever changing world in which we live.
  • create an environment where pupils and their families are known, supported and valued as individuals and where kindness and integrity underpin the actions of every member of the school community.
  • appoint the very best teachers who have passion and enthusiasm for their subject, who enjoy the opportunity of teaching children with a range of academic abilities and who feel their vocation is enabling every child to gain the best possible outcomes.
  • offer a broad co-curricular programme so that every pupil is able to find a talent and passion to develop.
  • aim to be a flagship school for United Learning, embodying the expertise, knowledge and innovation for which the group is known and sharing this across the group’s network and embracing its framework for excellence: powerful knowledge, leadership at every level, the best from everyone, education with character and continuous improvement.
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“Pupils flourish in their academic work and everyone looks out for each other in this caring and nurturing school”

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