A Level Drama and Theatre

Course Outline and Assessment

Throughout the two years, students will gain a deep knowledge and understanding of key theatrical movements in history, explore a range of theatre practitioners, styles and genres, as well as developing their skills as a theatre practitioner in their own right. During the course, students will have to consider their approach to play texts as an actor, director and designer; making informed and creative decisions based on their historical, political, cultural and artistic understanding of the plays studied. Students will be a reflector; always finding opportunities to critique and refine their work. They will consider the purpose of theatre as whole, and reflect on the world that theatre presents back to us.

Assessment for A Level Drama is comprised of three components:

  • Theatre workshop non-exam assessment (20%)
  • Text in action non-exam assessment (40%)
  • Text in Performance – written examination (40%)

What are the Career Opportunities?

Lawyer, Television presenter, Director, Writer, Dramaturge, Actor, Entrepreneur, Business owner, Designer, Critic and many more.

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