A Level Geography

Why Study Geography?

A Level Geography gives pupils the scope to become independent thinkers. It offers an opportunity to develop and formulate responses and to research and investigate different attitudes, responses or sides to a topic or theme. It engages and involves the learner by using topical and current case studies to allow coverage of issues on a variety of different scales. This ideally places the A Level geographers with well-developed research skills which will be invaluable in the setting of continuing or further education. Furthermore, Geography is viewed by the Russell University group as a ‘facilitating subject’ which means it is a subject required more often than others for admission to a variety of non-related university courses.

Course Outline and Assessment

  • Physical Geography: Water and the Carbon Cycle, Glacial Systems and Landscapes and Hazards
    Written examination (40%)
  • Human Geography: Global Systems and Global Governance, Changing Places and Contemporary Urban Environments
    Written examination (40%)
  • Independent Investigation: 4 days’ fieldwork, some of which will lead to an Independent Investigation (20%)

Careers and Opportunities

Geography teaches important life skills, personal learning and thinking skills and functional skills, as well as developing a critical way of thinking about the world. Employers are looking for quality people to invest in, and geography is a subject which explores the importance of the future. Careers include those working directly in the subject such as Meteorologist, Climate Scientist, Surveyor, Hydrographic Surveyor, International Development, Flood Research, Air Pollution Specialist, Catastrophe Risk Analyst, Coastal Technical Specialist, Data Collector, GIS Analyst and many more. There are also careers which require skills a Geographer will bring such as Law, Media, Education, Accountancy, Engineering, etc.

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