A Level Geography

Why Study Geography?

A Level Geography gives pupils the scope to become independent thinkers. It offers an opportunity to develop and formulate responses and to research and investigate different attitudes, responses or sides to a topic or theme. It engages and involves the learner by using topical and current case studies to allow coverage of issues on a variety of different scales. This ideally places the A Level geographers with well-developed research skills which will be invaluable in the setting of continuing or further education. Furthermore, Geography is viewed by the Russell University group as a ‘facilitating subject’ which means it is a subject required more often than others for admission to a variety of non-related university courses.

Course Outline and Assessment

  • Physical Geography: Water and the Carbon Cycle, Glacial Systems and Landscapes and Hazards
    Written examination (40%)
  • Human Geography: Global Systems and Global Governance, Changing Places and Contemporary Urban Environments
    Written examination (40%)
  • Independent Investigation: 4 days’ fieldwork, some of which will lead to an Independent Investigation (20%)

Careers and Opportunities

Geography teaches important life skills, personal learning and thinking skills and functional skills, as well as developing a critical way of thinking about the world. Employers are looking for quality people to invest in, and geography is a subject which explores the importance of the future.


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