Why Study GCSE Business?

Now established at GCSE, our successful Business and Economics Department delivers a highly popular course at Key Stage 4. This relevant and interesting subject will give you the opportunity to explore real world businesses and to understand more about how businesses work whilst fitting neatly alongside a range of other subject option choices. It is a chance to familiarise yourself with the core concepts of business and to develop the wider world skills you will need for a successful career and future.

7 key transferable skills championed when studying Business:

  • When learning about how an organisation runs you will gain an understanding of how they run well, and how you might successfully fit into one in your future
  • You learn how to make good decisions based on research, analysis and evaluation
  • Studying Business reinforces and gives practice in applying your numeracy skills
  • Understanding how businesses can adapt and be flexible in the face of change can support your ability to adapt to different roles and careers throughout your life
  • Seeing how business people organise and plan through generating ideas and creating plans to execute them will support you in learning these skills and applying them in the real world
  • Problem solving when analysing and evaluating case studies and the current economic and business climate
  • Presentation skills through both the content of the course and style of lessons

Course content

We have selected the excellent AQA Business course which has as its focus business in the real world. You will learn to apply your knowledge to a range of business contexts, from small enterprises to large multinational companies and to see how these operate in the local, national and global arenas.

The specification covers the key areas laid out below (Assessment Section) and takes you through the processes of a business from set up onward. You will consider the issues involved in setting up a business through to its expansion, along with the consideration a business needs to pay to its stakeholder groups in order to be successful. We will cover the operations side of customer relations and quality as well as human resource management and how the company might structure its workforce, as well as the marketing mix and basic financial performance measure. Equally as important when operating in recent times, there is a chance to spend time studying both the current utilisation of technology in business and the ethical, social and environmental balance businesses are expected to exhibit.

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