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Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition is a very popular subject within Dunottar. The delicious aromas emitting from the room attract both pupils and staff alike and the department actively encourages an open-door policy where people are invited in to chat about food. Throughout all years, skills, nutrition and health and safety in the kitchen environment are taught. We pride ourselves on teaching pupils to cook from scratch and the impact this has on health and waste. Pupils cooking at home are encouraged to keep a book creator journal of their dishes and credits are awarded in recognition of this independent work.

In 2019 we were awarded a grant from The Savoy Trust* to help fund the refurbishment of the Food & Nutrition facility.  The Dunottar Society Alumni and the PTA also contributed to re-build this stunning space, transforming the outdated, dysfunctional space into an inspiring state-of-the-art facility that has seen our pupil numbers for GCSE Food & Nutrition increase by over 100% each year.

Skills For Life

In KS3, skills are built on and recipes are given out in advance to encourage pupils to discuss ingredients with their parents. To encourage creativity, pupils can adapt the recipes and add their own personal touches. Pupils work independently to create their dishes but work together to tidy the room after practical lessons encouraging collaboration. As pupils progress though the school and dishes become more complicated, pupils need to remember to be tenacious to finish the job in hand. In all years, pupils have at least one chance to cook a dish of their own choice and all pupils relish this opportunity and rise to the challenge.

At KS4, the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE compliments both P.E. and Science and in-depth investigations into ingredients foster heightened curiosity in the subject.

Clubs and Activities

Co-curricular activities allow students to have more opportunity to increase their skills and work with other year groups. Regular clubs include Food Club and our recently-formed Bee-keeping club.

Every year, a group of GCSE pupils compete in the national Future Chef competition. Year 8 pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a Healthy Eating Competition, where they must plan and cook either a main or salad – the winning dish will be made in the school dining room and served to pupils and staff at lunchtime.




*The Savoy Trust aims to enrich the quality of hospitality training and education provided by schools, further education & higher education establishments.

My son was absolutely delighted with his Food Tech GCSE result – he has absolutely loved the course, learnt and tried new things and really developed his skills. It has been his favourite GCSE and he has developed a love of cooking that we imagine will stay with him for life.

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