Academic Scholarships

For Year 7 entrants, there is no application process for an Academic Scholarship.  These are awarded to those pupils who reach the highest standard in the entrance assessments and show the greatest potential for growth.

Year 12 Academic Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster based on the outcome of students’ GCSE examinations.

As an inclusive community Dunottar values the vibrancy and passion for learning which our Academic Scholars bring to everyday school life. To support and guide Scholars we provide a comprehensive programme designed to immerse them in learning to develop a mature sense of scholarly curiosity and to inspire a deepening understanding of the wider aspects of academic life.

Scholars’ Programme

Academic Scholarships are awarded to those pupils who reach the highest standard in the entrance assessments and show the greatest potential for growth.

Academic Scholars are role models: They are the pupils asking the most searching questions, reading further, writing more, reflecting on their learning and making the most of their time with their teachers. With a zest for learning they inspire others and drive their own attainment. We have high expectations of the grades they achieve.

  • Academic Mentoring
    • Scholars have a mentor who they meet regularly to discuss their individual progress and targets.
    • Grades are closely tracked by the Scholars’ Lead who meets with each Scholar on an individual basis and discusses their current aspirations and the measures being taken to realise them.
    • Across the subjects, teachers provide specific tasks tailored to Scholars’interests and abilities so that the Programme is personalised to each Scholar’s needs.
  • Fortnightly Scholars’ Discussion Groups – Scholars attend a fortnightly discussion group which is designed to stretch, challenge and open their minds to new possibilities, different ways of thinking and alternative points of view. These sessions are hosted by specialist teachers and industry experts and cover a wide range of engaging topics.
  • Scholars’ Lecture Programme – Scholars are encouraged to learn and be curious beyond the curriculum by attending the Lecture Programme where visiting academics and experts share their knowledge and passion.
  • Annual Scholars’ Evening – All Scholars undertake an extended research project on a particular area of interest and they present their findings at our Annual Scholars’ Evening.
  • Competitions – Scholars have regular opportunities to enter regional or national competitions which inspire and develop their interests.
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