Academic Scholarships

There is no application process for an Academic Scholarship.  These are awarded to those pupils who reach the highest standard in the entrance assessments and show the greatest potential for growth.

Overseen by Mrs Wintle, Head of Politics, Economics and Business, Academic Scholars play a vital role in school life as ambassadors of their favourite subject(s), benefiting from a programme of workshops, presentations and debates to develop their abstract thinking. The Scholars’ programme comprises a series of Oxbridge style tutorials, practical workshops, presentations, outings and networking opportunities designed to further develop Dunottar’s signature Warrior Learner attributes: , aspiration, tenacity, independence, curiosity, creativity, collaboration and inclusivity.

We expect our Scholars to show real commitment to their scholarship subject(s), to aim high, not simply for their own benefit, but to have a positive impact on their peer group and other students as advocates of their subject areas.

Scholarship Programme 2019-20

Our scholars enjoy a varied programme of seminars and presentations, a sample of which can be seen below:

Head of RS and Philosophy Debating the ‘point of education’
Head of Computer Science Discussing Artificial Intelligence.
Head of Art & Design Debating the question ‘What is art?’
Sam Robbins, Independent Senior Intelligence and Analysis Advisor Examining how intelligence and forensics assist in the investigation of major crime in the UK.
Prof Trevor M Jones, visiting professor at King’s College London and a former Head of R&D at Wellcome Exploring the reality of ‘pills from plants’; how over the centuries, our use of nature’s pharmacy has led to the discovery of many modern synthetic medicines.
Director of Sport Physical exercise and mental well-being
Dom Longman, Head of Product at Trustology The future of securing digital assets and the various technologies used within this growing sector.


Scholars Activities

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