Academic Scholarships

For Year 7 entrants, there is no application process for an Academic Scholarship.  These are awarded to those pupils who reach the highest standard in the entrance assessments and show the greatest potential for growth.

Year 12 Academic Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster based on the outcome of students’ GCSE examinations.

As an inclusive community Dunottar values the vibrancy and passion for learning which our Academic Scholars bring to everyday school life. To support and guide Scholars we provide a comprehensive programme designed to immerse them in learning to develop a mature sense of scholarly curiosity and to inspire a deepening understanding of the wider aspects of academic life.

Scholars’ Programme

Dunottar’s comprehensive Academic Scholarship Programme cultivates intellectual curiosity and provides personal support to ensure that our Scholars are guided and challenged to achieve their very best and to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Scholars have a mentor who they meet regularly with to discuss their individual progress and targets. Across the subjects our teachers provide specific tasks tailored to our Scholars’ interests and abilities to ensure the Progamme is personalized to each Scholar’s needs.

Intellectual curiosity is promoted at Scholars’ Lunches which are held every fortnight where the Scholars meet as a group for discussion. These sessions include input from teachers and external speakers covering a wide range of opinions, arguments, and ideas on a range of topics.

Scholars are encouraged to learn and discover beyond the curriculum with our Scholars’ Lectures programme where those who are expert in their field share their knowledge and passion with the group. Previous speakers have included Sam Robbins, Independent Senior Intelligence and Analysis Advisor, Professor Trevor M Jones, vistiting professor at KIng’s College London and a former Head of R&D at Wellcome.

Opportunities for Scholars to develop their research and presentation skills include at our Annual Scholars’ Evening. In the past scholars have presented on a diverse range of topics from genetics and ethics to jet engines and the impact of YouTube.

Scholars are encouraged to enter competitions which inspire and develop their interests and hone their ability and skills. Our Scholars enjoy sharing their experiences of taking part in these competitions with other pupils and it encourages them to aspire to the highest standards in a way they enjoy and find stimulating.

By constantly looking for further experiences and opportunities we support our Scholars students throughout their school career and onto their next steps whether this be Oxbridge or other elite university entry or a high-quality apprenticeship.

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