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Physical Education

Each week a Year 7, 8 or 9 pupil at Dunottar will receive a double lesson of P.E. in addition to their triple games lesson, where they focus on that term’s priority sport (e.g. Lacrosse for girls and Rugby for boys in the Autumn term). During the Autumn and Spring terms, pupils alternate between P.E. and swimming.

Within P.E. lessons pupils will enjoy activities ranging across Fitness (methods of training/components of fitness/energy expenditures and heart rate), Hockey, Basketball, Principles of Invasion Games, Athletics, Tennis and Dance.

When swimming, pupils of varying abilities are taught and developed at an appropriate level, to swim front crawl/freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly stroke. Time is spent teaching and developing pupil’s ability to dive and tumble turn for relevant strokes. Within their swimming lessons pupils are also taught Water Polo as well as Personal Survival.

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