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Our comprehensive Careers Programme is designed to ensure that every pupil is supported in developing the skills and knowledge they need to make successful educational and career choices.

The careers department at Dunottar aims to:

  • Inform and support pupils in their search, evaluation and choice of post-16 and post-18 education
  • Prepare pupils’ applications for higher education or alternative employment routes
  • Instil confidence and pride in our pupils for the choices they make and for their ambitions in their chosen path
  • Take pride in our achievements of getting pupils to their desired destinations

Support from the Outset

Career research begins in year 7 when pupils are encouraged to begin exploring areas and fields that are exciting and interesting. This helps to inform their long-term subject choices at GCSE and A-Level. Throughout the academic year, Dunottar hosts a range of subject-specific careers networking events. We welcome a range of speakers from a diverse range of fields to offer our pupils an insight into application processes, daily life of employees and the skills employers are looking for. The programme is regularly updated.

Ongoing Careers Exploration

In Year 9, pupils take the Morrisby Profiling Aspirations Test that helps them to match their character and skills to future choices. In Year 10, pupils take the Morrisby Profiling Aptitude Test, and they are supported through this by individual discussions with their form tutors and our Careers Advisor. Form tutors and Heads of Year provide support with options for GCSEs, A-levels and degrees: we want your child to make the best choice for future success.

Sixth Form Careers Advice

All sixth formers are encouraged to attend our Future Skills workshops and gain work experience, as this supports UCAS personal statements and job applications. Alongside their A Level subject choices, we recommend sampling at least one free Massive Online Open course (MOOC). These courses either provide a deeper understanding of the careers that students wish to pursue or showcase their interests as individuals. Whichever course they elect to study, they will stand out from the crowd.

Alumni Support Network

From delivering careers lectures to facilitating introductions and mentoring, our thriving alumni network plays a key role in careers provision. Once pupils leave Dunottar, they can continue to access advice and guidance from the Dunottar Society and wider network. Careers support extends beyond school days: as a school community, we take pride in helping pupils to reach their desired destinations and beyond.

Useful Links

Morrisby Profile Test

Massive Online Open course (MOOC)

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