Students dressed up like old ladies for a play


Drama at Dunottar is a thriving, exciting and inclusive department! Pupils are exposed to a range of theatrical styles and forms and are encouraged to be reflective and critical in their approach to their work and the work of others. We encourage our young people to consider the wider purpose of theatre by looking at the work of theatre practitioners from across the theatrical timeline helping them to foster a real sense of enquiry and curiosity about the world around them.

Pupils are actively encouraged to make links between the subjects – not just within the arts, but across the curriculum to enrich their experience and bring their learning to life. Our family ethos is a strong and important part of the drama department; all pupils are nurtured and motivated to work collaboratively. Mistakes are celebrated and are an integral part of the learning process, encouraging pupils to take risks and be tenacious in their quest to create interesting and thought-provoking pieces of theatre.

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