COVID-19 UPDATE: School will be closed from Friday 20th March until further notice. Lessons will continue remotely and work is being set for completion at home. We will be keeping our website and social media updated during this period. Please use email wherever possible, or leave a phone message (messages will be monitored during normal working hours).


We offer a limited number of means tested Bursaries. These are awarded on entry from Year 7 and are reviewed annually.  We do not offer full bursaries and parents are expected to make a contribution to the fees.

Parents/guardians seeking a Bursary are required to complete an application form to establish the financial circumstances of the household and will be visited at home by United Learning’s Assessment provider, Bursary Administration Ltd.

Applications for financial assistance should be submitted at least six weeks prior to a child taking the entrance examination.

Please note that Bursary applications for combined incomes over £70,000 may not be considered. Bursaries are only available in the minority of the most deserving cases and no assumption should be made that financial assistance can or will be given.

For further details about applying for a Bursary award, please contact the Admissions Department on 01737 761945.

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