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Mark Tottman – Gareth Southgate: A True Warrior Learner

7th July 21

At Dunottar, pupils are encouraged to be ‘Warrior Learners’, demonstrating aspiration, creativity, curiosity, tenacity, independence, inclusivity and collaboration across all areas of school life: in lessons, co-curricular clubs and societies and sport. As we come together as a nation to watch the England team return to Wembley, the site of their last semi-final appearance in…

Mrs van Duijvenvoorde: Oh, the places you’ll go

29th June 20

Travel has always been one of my favourite things to do; to me, there is no better way to learn about something than to see it and experience it. Travel also allows us to bring rich variety into our lives as we try new things and meet new people. As Paulo Coelo says: “IF YOU…

Mrs Boden: History and its relevance to the present

22nd June 20

As I write this, we are certainly living in unprecedented times – the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter campaign and the technological revolution that is enabling us to teach virtually. As a history teacher, these events have reinforced for me the importance of teaching History and the impact our lessons can and should be…

Mr Kokott: Social media – actual selves versus ideal selves

15th June 20

COVID-19 has given us all an opportunity to stop and reflect on what is important in our lives. It has provided a unique experience where we have been forced to look at life from a different angle. The psychology of social media, and the fabricated world it recreates, has always been an interest of mine….

Mr Cotton’s Dunottar Ramble

26th May 20

Whilst everyone has been away and working hard at home, I’ve had a good wander around the place and discovered a few interesting things about our lovely school. I hope you enjoy this Dunottar factsheet and do have a go at the questions if you like. Scroll to the end for the answers. 1. Dunottar…

Ms Pettet: Will the arts ever be the same again?

18th May 20

I know that this may seem to be a bold, emotive question. However, having reflected on the effects of the pandemic in recent weeks, it is a question that I feel is important to consider. To set some context, the arts industry, whilst only one of many industries effected in recent weeks, employs 300,000 people…

Mr Tottman: The books that have influenced me

13th May 20

Dunottar’s Headmaster discusses his love of reading and how it can improve our connectedness to a wider community by providing insights into the lives of others, inspiring creativity, challenging our thinking and cultivating empathy. The book I am currently reading Jo Nesbo’s latest book, The Knife. Jo Nesbo is a bestselling Norwegian crime writer. The…

Mrs Lewis: It all started with a box of books

1st May 20

When I was eight, my aunt visited, with her car packed to the roof with boxes of books that she had enjoyed as a child. There were so many of them, that my father built rows of bookshelves in my bedroom, rows so high that I needed a chair to reach the top one. It was from that moment that I became a voracious reader. I went…

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