Co-educational independent day school for ages 11 to 18

Policies and Procedures

Dunottar's school policies can be read and downloaded from this page.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive and policies are subject to review, updates and amendments.  Copies of school policies can be requested at any time from the school office.

You will require Adobe Reader to view the PDF files below. 

Able Gifted and Talented Policy.pdf 660KB Able Gifted and Talented Policy
Academic Performance.pdf 766KB Academic Performance
Acceptable Use of Technology for Students.pdf 567KB Acceptable Use of Technology for Students
Admissions Policy.pdf 1013KB Admissions Policy
Aims and Ethos.pdf 540KB Aims and Ethos
Alcohol illegal drugs and substance abuse and smoking.pdf 270KB Alcohol illegal drugs and substance abuse and smoking
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf 594KB Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment Recording and Reporting.pdf 378KB Assessment Recording and Reporting
Attendance Policy.pdf 627KB Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy.pdf 745KB Behaviour Policy
Careers Policy.pdf 907KB Careers Policy
Child Protection Safeguarding.pdf 1031KB Child Protection Safeguarding
Complaints.pdf 567KB Complaints
Contact Information.pdf 471KB Contact Information
Controlled Assessment Policy.pdf 867KB Controlled Assessment Policy
Curriculum Policy.pdf 585KB Curriculum Policy
Dunottar Privacy Notice.pdf 407KB Dunottar Privacy Notice
Dunottar Privacy Notice_1.pdf 407KB Dunottar Privacy Notice_1
Educational Visits and Activities Off Site.pdf 1224KB Educational Visits and Activities Off Site
Electronic Devices - Searches and Deletion.pdf 423KB Electronic Devices - Searches and Deletion
Equal Opportunities.pdf 565KB Equal Opportunities
E-Safety Policy.pdf 485KB E-Safety Policy
Exclusions Expulsion and Removal.pdf 722KB Exclusions Expulsion and Removal
Filtering Policy.pdf 363KB Filtering Policy
Fire Management Plan.pdf 1103KB Fire Management Plan
Fire Safety Management Policy United Learning.pdf 826KB Fire Safety Management Policy United Learning
First Aid Policy.pdf 585KB First Aid Policy
Health and Safety Policy.pdf 2408KB Health and Safety Policy
Internal Appeals Procedure.pdf 518KB Internal Appeals Procedure
Missing Child Policy.pdf 424KB Missing Child Policy
Mobile Devices Policy.pdf 558KB Mobile Devices Policy
Non-examination Assessment Policy.pdf 633KB Non-examination Assessment Policy
Physical Restraint.pdf 468KB Physical Restraint
Premises Policy.pdf 953KB Premises Policy
Provision of Information.pdf 1018KB Provision of Information
PSHE Policy.pdf 505KB PSHE Policy
Risk Policy.pdf 1202KB Risk Policy
Social Media Policy.pdf 312KB Social Media Policy
Supervision of Pupils Policy.pdf 495KB Supervision of Pupils Policy
Teaching Policy.pdf 1034KB Teaching Policy
Uncollected Child Policy.pdf 447KB Uncollected Child Policy