Cricket and Netball Tour to South Africa

6th November 23

On Saturday 21st October 2023, Dunottar School embarked on their furthest oversees trip to date, travelling to Cape Town South Africa. With a tour size of 75 students and eight staff it was set to be a fantastic trip!

Upon arrival, an exciting and action-packed sporting adventure unfolded in the heart of South Africa as teams embarked on a riveting tour combining the finesse of cricket and the electrifying pace of netball. Proudly wearing their South Africa 2023 sponsored tour kit, the pupils were involved in 13 exhilarating cricket clashes and eight gripping netball fixtures. Our teams made us proud by showcasing their skill, talent, hard work and commitment.

Under clear blue skies and against the breathtaking backdrop of South Africa’s culturally diverse surroundings, players from both cricket and netball teams demonstrated sheer tenacity, resilience and independence, captivating audiences with their exceptional athleticism and strategic brilliance.

The tour wasn’t only about the thrill of competitive sports. Beyond the arenas, pupils immersed themselves in the diverse wonders of South Africa’s natural beauty. A mesmerizing game drive safari brought them face-to-face with the beauty of the African wilderness. Ascending Table Mountain provided awe-inspiring panoramic views, while the Cape Canopy Tour added a thrilling adventure, displaying the breath taking terrain from a unique perspective. A fantastic tour of Langa Township, one of South Africa’s longest standing townships and a trip to Robben Island were the educational highlights of the tour for many.

“This tour was a fusion of sporting excellence and cultural immersion,” remarked Mr Myers, Director of Sport. “It wasn’t just about the matches; it was about the bond created through shared experiences on and off the field. South Africa provided the perfect backdrop for an amazing journey.”

Head of School, Henry O’Connor commented, “Our recent school cricket trip to South Africa was an unforgettable adventure filled with very competitive matches. We faced very strong teams on the cricket field which provided thrilling competition. One highlight was the visit to a township, where the spirited community and warm hospitality left a lasting impression. The experience extended beyond the cricket pitch as we indulged in delicious local cuisine. Trying the meaty dishes was not only a delight but also a window into the cultural of South Africa. I cannot wait to welcome our new friends when they tour here, fostering the bonds created during this extraordinary adventure.”

While U15 Amelia Leaonard also commented, ” South Africa was an amazing and fun experience where we met lots of great people and did things that I would never have experienced without the trip. As a group of girls, we became closer and built long lasting friendships with our peers and opposition. We also got to go on a safari which was a different and exciting experience for me. The sport was brilliant and we were able to work together to play our best.”

The tour not only fostered competitive spirits but also served as a cultural exchange, transcending borders and uniting athletes in the universal language of sports. It encapsulated the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, leaving an enduring legacy that extends far beyond the final whistle. Pupils spent time with opposition players enjoying South African cuisine and sharing memories that will last both sets of pupils a lifetime.

As the sun sets on this remarkable sporting expedition, the memories forged amid the backdrop of South Africa’s natural wonders and thrilling encounters on the field will remain in the hearts and minds of students for years to come.

We would like to thank all the students for their efforts throughout the tour. Many of the schools invited us back and British Airways commented on the students’ superb behaviour on the flight home. A big thank you also to Aspire Dental Surgery who kindly sponsored our tour kit.

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