Performing Arts Trip to Guys & Dolls

21st September 23

On 21st September, Performing Arts took a trip to the amazing immersive production ‘Guys & Dolls’ at the Bridge Theatre. A mixture of GCSE Music and Drama students, together with the Performing Arts Scholars and Aspiring Actors set out on a gloomy Thursday afternoon to London. However, our day was about to become a lot brighter, through the magic of musical theatre! The immersive show was joyful and captivating from the moment it started and a unique experience, especially for those that stood. The amazing set rose from the floor transporting us to different locations in the blink of an eye. The closeness of the actors to the standing audience meant that we were able to experience the emotions of the characters within touching distance which was involving and exciting, particularly when the actors interacted directly with some of our students.

Overall, the students loved the show, with many saying they had never experienced anything like it before. We would definitely recommend a trip to Guys & Dolls.

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