Speak Out Challenge 2023

15th April 23

The event saw pupils speak on a genuinely diverse range of subjects. The apparent catastrophe of Brexit; the need for equality in women’s sports; the lessons we can learn from Disney; the need to cancel Cancel Culture – all of these were explored in speeches that were original, thoughtful, well-researched and delivered with aplomb to an appreciative audience of staff and pupils. Mr Broughton had an unenviable job in selecting a winner and a runner-up. Tallulah W was awarded the second place prize for her talk on the holistic benefits and many joys of dancing; Will K was the overall victor with a talk on the value of insects and how such humble creatures are the foundations of biodiversity and a key part of life on this earth.

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Year 7 2025 Taster Morning

Saturday 11th May 2024

Looking to join Dunottar in September 2025? Attend our Taster Morning to take part in fun activities, meet our teachers and get to know other children who will be sitting the entrance assessments.

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