A record number take to the trails for cross country

10th November 21

On Friday 5th November our pupils, took to the trails to represent their houses in the school’s annual cross-country event around the beautiful grounds of the school.

All participants scored points for their houses based on completion and finishing place, with pupils encouraging each other to do their best irrespective of ability.  Once the scores were totalled, St Andrews came in first, followed by Davids, Georges and Patricks.

“It’s our ambition to inspire every pupil to take part in this cross-country event, so we are delighted it’s our biggest year to date!  The Focus of this event is to celebrate the four house communities, whist exciting pupils to display some of our key Warrior Learner traits; tenacity and aspiration for the collaborative good of each house group.”  Simon Manning – Director of Sport @Dunottar School










This year’s winners across each year group were:

Year 7                Year 7

Olivia D                Ben J

Year 8                Year 8

Jess R                    Teemu

Year 9                 Year 9

Olivia C                 Josh B

Year 10               Year 10 

Jess B                     Will T

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