Dunottar School Inspires Community Primary Schools to Entice the Bees and Bugs!

31st March 21

This winter, our Beekeeping Club, invited Year 5 pupils from local community schools to take part in a design a bee / bug sanctuary competition.

Pupils were asked to research sanctuaries to learn what makes the best bug house to inform their own unique bee house design.

‘We were really impressed with the quality of the entries. The designs were very well researched and showed a good understanding of the needs of bees and insects. Beekeeping Club at Dunottar is an important co-curricular club in which we learn about the impact bees have on our environment and how to look after them.’ 

Mr Kopiel, Teacher of Art & Textiles, who runs Dunottar’s Beekeeping Club

First prize was awarded to George Fairhurst, with second prize going to Ivo Bagnall and third prize to Lyla Shortall respectively.


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