Dunottar’s Upper School play explores the realities of schizophrenia

3rd March 20

On Friday 31st January, 21 pupils from our Upper School performed an emotionally charged interpretation of Adult child / Dead Child by Claire Dowie.

This fast-paced, gripping piece explored the realities of schizophrenia through the eyes of a young adult.

Performed on an intimately light floor-level stage that increased the intensity for the audience, Dunottar’s Acting Head of Drama, Miss Sarah van Duijvenvoorde, cleverly choreographed this one-person monologue for a collective of pupils who handled the sometimes dark, sometimes humorous subject matter with empathy and understanding.

“I was delighted to see how well the pupils responded to this play, we weaved physical acting with the dialogue, that is rhythmic, repetitious but seemingly random, to great effect.  They delivered a fantastic performance”

Sarah van Duijvenvoorde – Acting Head of Drama

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