Dunottar School rolls out iPads and EBooks

20th November 18

Pupils at Dunottar School in Reigate have started their new term with an iPad and access to hundreds of online books.
Dunottar School rolls out iPads and EBooks

Following last year’s successful iPad pilot with Year 7, at the beginning of the autumn term Dunottar issued iPads to four more year groups who are already enjoying the many benefits of digital working.

IPad champion Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings developed the initiative at Dunottar to use technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience for the pupils.

The French teacher commented: “Using iPads has motivated, engaged and enthused the pupils. It has also enhanced their classroom participation and enabled me to differentiate through the use of the school’s Digital Learning Space and interactive website. IPads have transformed pupils’ learning and their ability to respond to feedback through personalised avatars, use of clips and peer-assessment.”

Linked to this initiative, the newly refurbished Learning Resource Centre has made a significant investment in an online eBook system, which allows pupils to browse an eBook library catalogue of over 1500 books and download them onto their iPads.

Parents will also have the opportunity to download the iMLS App to access their child’s library and chat to their offspring about what they are reading.

Kerry Lewis, head of English and facilitator of the pupil eMagazine, said: “Reading underpins the whole curriculum; we want to encourage students to enjoy reading and to experiment with a wide range of quality literature. More and more children today use devices for reading, so this is a fantastic way to tailor opportunities to some pupils’ preferred reading styles.”

Headmaster Mark Tottman said: “These are very exciting times for Dunottar. The iPad roll out and the eBook reading library are two important components of our digital strategy, which gives pupils of all interests and abilities the opportunity to learn in a modern environment.”

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