Pupils Take part in Cosmic Classroom led by Astronaut Tim Peake

4th February 16

On Tuesday, 2nd February, pupils from Dunottar School in Reigate enjoyed a science lesson from space, led by astronaut Tim Peake.
Pupils Take part in Cosmic Classroom led by Astronaut Tim Peake

Around 300,000 children in the UK took time off the curriculum for an out-of-this-world science lesson, which took place via satellite link from the International Space Station.

Pupils crouched down, spun around and touched their toes in a game of follow my leader. They then had a blast when the first British astronaut to officially do a spacewalk did the same activities in zero gravity.

The school hall of budding scientists particularly enjoyed watching him dissolve a vitamin tablet in a drop of water, which then fizzed and expanded. He played ping pong with it, prompting much hilarity.

Dunottar’s Head of Science, Rea Pope, commented: “The cosmic classroom was a fantastic opportunity for our students to participate in a worldwide activity that awed and inspired them, helping to engage them with science beyond the classroom and, in this case, beyond our planet.”

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