Dunottar Students take Zimbe! to the London Stage

27th January 16

Students from Dunottar School in Reigate took to the stage on Monday evening for a sold-out performance at London’s prestigious Lyceum Theatre.
Dunottar Students take Zimbe! to the London Stage

Conducted by popular composer Alexander L’Estrange, Dunottar students and staff joined a host of schools from all across the country to perform songs from Zimbe! Those involved were all part of United Learning – a unique group of state and independent schools located across the country from Portsmouth to Carlisle.

Zimbe! is an imaginative fusion of traditional African song and jazz which as a choral piece seeks to bring communities together. Given the geographic spread of the schools, students from Dunottar had been rehearsing their parts alone for months, with very few opportunities to practise as one ensemble choir before the final show-stopping performance at the central London venue.

Catherine Barker, Head of Music and Performing Arts for United Learning, said: “I am particularly pleased with the feedback from students and staff who have said how much they enjoyed the opportunity to get together with other schools to perform Zimbe!

“Events like this one show off the uniqueness of a group like United Learning as a true partnership between state and independent schools.”

“One of the advantages of being a national group of schools is that we can bring our most talented pupils together from all over the country to participate in events like this,” added Jon Coles, Chief Executive of United Learning.

“An opportunity to sing in a magnificent theatre like the Lyceum is an ambition that many have but few have the chance to realise. So it’s been wonderful to see our singers enjoy the experience and come together to perform.”

Rowena Cole, Head Teacher of Dunottar School, commented: “Monday night’s Zimbe performance was such an exciting event for both the audience and performers. To see over 1000 young people come together and perform in such a spectacular way is quite something, and I was delighted that our pupils were able to have such a unique opportunity within the larger community of the other United Learning Schools.”

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