Students Enjoy a County First with Business Enterprise Afternoon

10th October 14

A school in Reigate believes that it is the first in the county to teach business to complement its usual curriculum.
Students Enjoy a County First with Business Enterprise Afternoon

Year 7-9 students at Dunottar School have enjoyed their first afternoon of business-related activities as part of an exciting new ‘enrichment’ course, which will take place twice a term.

Designed by Nicola Wintle, who heads A’ level business and economics teaching, the on-going programme aims to develop transferable thinking and interpersonal skills that extend beyond paper qualifications.

Mrs Wintle said: “The aim of the afternoon was to appreciate cost and value.  Year 7 costed and made fruit smoothies, with each smoothie having its own distinct marketing message.  Year 8 designed a range of t-shirts, considering production costs and the budgets of different buyers.  Finally, Year 9 designed and manufactured their own aeroplanes, which had to fly over 5 metres and pass strict quality control with logo and signage.  Halfway through the task, they could choose how much money to reinvest in raw materials—they learnt that holding onto money rather than reinvesting it is not the better option!”

“Everybody threw themselves into the activities,” she added, “‘and it was lovely to see the sixth form helping to lead the event. “

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