Author Presents Signed Copies of Books to School Library

9th October 14

A successful published author has made a gift of signed copies of her novels to Dunottar School in Reigate.
Author Presents Signed Copies of Books to School Library

Gillian Shields has published over forty books for children, ranging from pre-school age to teenagers and young adults.

Mrs Shields, who has recently started to teach drama at the school, presented the school with a series of books (Immortal, Betrayal, Eternal and Destiny), which she describes as Gothic ghost romances.  She also gave the library a copy of her favourite book, a comedy about reality television, called The Actual Real Reality of Jennifer James.

Dunottar’s English teacher and librarian Christina Turner said: “We were very excited to receive books written by our new drama teacher, Gillian Shields.  She’s been incredibly generous.  I’m sure the pupils will enjoy reading her books!”


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