Students Visit The Big Apple

28th February 14

Around forty pupils from a Reigate-based school extended their examination studies in America over the half-term holidays.
Students Visit The Big Apple

Teenagers from Dunottar School visited New York as part of their GCSE and A’ Level Design Technology and Art courses.

Hiriyti Tekeste, who organised the trip, commented: “For Design Technology, the girls were able to learn about past and present designers as well as design movements, one of them being art deco, which they saw at the Chrysler and Empire State buildings. Further to this, they learned about architecture such as the shell structures of the Guggenheim and Apple Store on Fifth Avenue as well as the skeleton structures of Brooklyn Bridge and an array of other sky scrapers in the city.

“For Art, the students were able to develop their ideas through investigation informed by contextual sources. They then recorded the observations and insights relevant to their chosen themes with the galleries. This was used to develop their analytical and critical understanding of art, while making connections with other artists’ work.”

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