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Tarani Jago

My passion and interest in Teaching and Learning was acknowledged from day one of my journey at Dunottar. I have been given opportunities to contribute to the development of our T&L provision and staff development and have learnt an enormous amount as a result. Subsequently, I was given the opportunity look after our Newly Qualified teachers and their mentors, and ran a whole school Teaching and Learning project, both of which have been a huge privilege.

Dunottar has such a family feel. There is a real sense of community and the staff will go out of their way to help in any way they can. The staff body carries a breadth of experience and there are so many people to learn from. (As well as laugh with!) The students are an absolute joy and I always look forward to seeing them again after the holidays.

I came to Dunottar from another UL school in London. As a result, I’ve been able to create and maintain links with teachers who now teach in UL schools all over the country. No matter the schools’ context, we all share the same vision as I think that is really powerful. Because of my experience at Paddington Academy, I am lucky enough to do some work for United Teaching which means I get to meet the superb trainee teachers who are going in to Primary and Secondary schools around the country.
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