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Subjects studied

Computing, Maths and Further Maths.

Why I chose Dunottar Sixth Form

I had been at Dunottar school for three years and had experienced a lot of what Dunottar has to offer, but the main thing that made me want to stay in Sixth Form was the family atmosphere. At Dunottar, there is a really good dynamic between the teachers and students that always made me feel welcome and like I mattered.

Experiences I have had during my time in the Sixth Form

At the end of our first year of Sixth Form the school gave us the opportunity to visit the Emirates Stadium career fair where we got to visit lots of stalls with apprenticeship and university courses and really explore our options for the future.  I have always found computers to be interesting, but at Dunottar I learnt how to code and was able to persue it further as a GCSE and A level with great guidance from my teachers. I hope that I can continue my passion of computer science into the future and become a software engineer and develop programs to help people.

Further Education

Harry is studying Computer Science at Bath University.

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