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Musical Activities

Music plays a big part in our lives.

Research suggests that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals, help energise our mood and help us to manage emotions. It is also a lot of fun!! Dunottar’s Music Department has created a wealth of resources for pupils (and parents) to enjoy over the Easter holidays.

  • Gareth Malone’s National Choir: sign up at
  • Shows, Musical Theatre and Opera online:
  • We will be looking at ways to run next term’s concerts online and ask you to prepare a solo performance to share with us via video after Easter
  • Yousician is a good music app for learning an instrument
  • The Acapella app is good for multi-tracking your own music (and own versions of songs)
  • Dunottar Music Bingo! A challenge to see how many boxes can be completed during the holidays… keep us updated on your progress

Have fun!!

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