Year 7 Admissions

Please note that the registration process for Year 7 entry in 2020 is now closed.

Key Dates

Admissions timetable for Year 7 entry:

Year 7 entry September 2020 Year 7 entry September 2021
Registration Deadline: 29th November 2019 6th November 2020
Scholarships Application Deadline: 6th December 2019 6th November 2020
Entrance Assessments: 6th January 2020 5th January 2021
Scholarship Assessments: 16th January 2020
Offers Posted: Late January 2020
Acceptance Deadline: 6th March 2020

Bursary applications for 2021 entry also need to be received by 6th November 2020. 

Entrance Assessments

The Year 7 assessment day takes place in early January of the year of entry (i.e. January 2020 for September 2020 entry). The assessment day is designed for pupils to learn more about life at Dunottar and to enable us to begin to get to know your child and to help us assess their ability to fit into the Dunottar community.

Academic assessments for Year 7 entry will be in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning.  In English and Mathematics the tests are based on the National Curriculum work that the pupils will have been doing in their current school.  No special tutoring is required beyond this.

In addition to the tests, all pupils will have a friendly, informal interview with a member of staff. Pupils will also take part in a number of individual and group activities to allow us to assess their creativity and how they work with other children.  No preparation for these activities is required.

Please contact our admissions team on 01737 761945 for further information regarding the admission process.

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