Accept a Place

Congratulations on your child being offered a place at Dunottar. We are looking forward to welcoming your child into our Dunottar community. 

On this page you will find: 

  1. All the acceptance documents referred to in your offer letter
  2. Further information and answers to frequently asked questions and details for contacting admissions 

Please find below some information and answers to frequently asked questions about joining Dunottar. We hope you will find this useful. However, we always encourage parents to call our friendly Admissions team if you have any other questions or require any further details. We appreciate you are about to take a very important decision for your child so will be happy to answer any queries you may have about Dunottar. 

Contact Admissions

Romey Tottman and Susan Edwards in Admissions always welcome calls from prospective parents. You can contact them on:

01737 761945 or at:  


How do I accept my child’s place?

To accept your child’s place, please complete the Acceptance Form, having read the Terms and Conditions and referred to the documents listed, and return it, signed by all those who have parental responsibility and all those who will be responsible for payment of fees, to:

Head of Admissions, Dunottar School, High Trees Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7EL or send a clear scanned copy by email to 

Please ensure that the deposit of £1,000 is also paid. (For further details see ‘What is the deposit?’) 

The completed Acceptance Form and the deposit must be received by Dunottar by midday on 1st March 2024 to secure your child’s place for Year 7 2024 entry.  

On acceptance of a place at Dunottar you are entering into a contract with the school and agree not to accept or hold a place at another senior school.  

What is the deposit?

On acceptance, you must pay a £1,000 deposit by the acceptance deadline to secure your child’s place. 

Payment should be made by bank transfer. Please use these bank details and add your child’s surname and initial as a reference. 

Account Name: United Church Schools Trust

Sort Code: 20-46-50 

Account No: 60538361 

IBAN No: GB86BARC20465060538361

Swift Code No: BARCGB22

The deposit will be repaid without interest on the pupil leaving the School. Until credited, the deposit will form part of the general funds of the School. 

What are the fees and what is included?

The tuition fees for the current academic year can be viewed here and are reviewed each year. The new fee schedule is sent to all parents in July and is also available on our website. Fees cover the normal curriculum tuition, together with an iPad and most books and stationery. Insurances selected on the payment and insurance form will be added on receipt of a completed insurance application form.  

What are ‘extras’?

Extras on your bill could include items such as fees for public examinations, trips and visits and associated costs for some subjects (e.g. DT & Food Tech apron, set texts for English). A list of some of the extra charges is provided below:   

PTA Funds

  • £1 is collected for the PTA to fund projects. In the past these have included, refurbishing the Library, art equipment and cricket equipment.

School Fund

  • £1 is collected every term for the School Fund to be used to help pupils on school trips, for example, and is raised in a charitable aspect of the school.

Equipment and Services

  • Year 7 pupils are charged for a DT & Food Tech apron, safety specs and IsoSketch kit, this year charged at £17 per pupil.
  • The School’s Careers department enrol Year 9 pupils into Morrisby profiling, currently charged at £24 per pupil.  This service is optional but strongly recommended.

GCSE and A-level

  • Some GCSE subjects have associated costs such as set texts for English, ingredients and chef’s whites for Food Tech, materials for DT and Art, field trips for Geography and theatre visits for Drama.
  • GCSE and A-level Exam board fees are charged to parents with £10 per subject administration fees added.

The school coach service is an additional service. Please see the new joiner pack or click here for prices. 

Are any discounts available?

Fees are discounted by 5% for the second sibling and 10% for the third and any subsequent siblings who attend Dunottar, while they are at Dunottar together.  

Please be aware that no additional funds are available for bursaries for pupils joining the School in Year 7 2024. (Bursary applications have to be made by August of the year preceding entry to the School and are budgeted for a year in advance.)  

When will I be invoiced and when is the first fee payment due?

If you are paying by termly direct debit, the first payment will be debited on the 1st day of September (or the next working day).

If you are paying by monthly instalments, the first payment will be debited on the 1st day of August (or the next working day).  More information about the fee instalment scheme is available here.

Invoices are published to our iSAMS Parent Portal. New parents will receive account log in details for the portal in the Summer holidays.

Autumn invoices are issued mid-July, Spring invoices mid-November and Summer invoices mid-March.

If you have any queries about payments, please contact United Learning Fees Department at

What is the Fees Refund Scheme and what does it cover?

Fees Refund (new Applicants)

A refund will be made if your child is absent from school for a period of at least five consecutive full days (including weekends and half-term breaks) because your child is ill, has had an accident or has been in contact with an infectious disease.

If the school is forced to close due to an outbreak of an infectious disease amongst the pupils or staff, which makes tuition impossible, a refund would be made. There is no cover for the first seven days of any such closure. For example, if the school is closed for eight days due to an outbreak of an infectious disease at the school the Scheme would refund one day’s fee. The total amount of all refunds that will be made for any one child for any one medical condition, or series of related medical conditions is 280 days.

There is no cover for closure directly or indirectly caused, contributed to or arising from any new or ongoing pandemic or epidemic or disease.

If you wish to participate in this scheme, administered by Marsh Ltd, please provide your consent by circling the appropriate option in the ‘Insurances and Fees refund Scheme’ section on the Acceptance Form and signing the relevant section, and also completing the Fees Refund Scheme Application Form. Fees for this scheme will then be added to your termly bill.

What happens if I withdraw an acceptance of a place for my son/daughter?

We understand that family circumstances may change.  If you no longer wish to take up your child’s place, please let us know by contacting the Admissions Department as soon as possible. Please note that, as per our Standard Terms and Conditions, we require a full term’s notice.

  • A term’s fees (less deposit/s held) will be immediately payable by the Parents if, for any reason, they cancel their acceptance of a place less than a term before entry or the pupil does not join the School after a place has been accepted.
  • Parents who withdraw giving a full term’s notice before entry will not have to pay fees in lieu, but the deposit will be retained by the School unless the specific vacancy is filled. There is no guarantee that a place will be filled from our waiting list as parents may have already accepted places at alternative schools.

Please see paragraph 6 b) of the Standard Terms and Conditions for more information.

How does Dunottar help pupils with the transition to secondary school?

We run several transition mornings before the start of term in September where our new pupils will start to get to know their Form Tutor, Head of Year, and their new classmates. We also run some fun activities on these mornings, so pupils become familiar with finding their way around the school and learn how to use their iPad In September, all Year 7 pupils go off site for a team activity and bonding day!  There is also a Parents’ Welcome Evening so you can find out all you need to know about life at Dunottar for our new pupils and the support we will give your child on their transition into our community 

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