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The Dunottar Society is for all former students and staff of Dunottar School. The role of the Society is: 

  • To help everyone keep in touch 
  • To organise events 
  • To provide news on developments and changes taking place at Dunottar 
  • To generate fundraising for the school, including bursaries and gifts 

The Dunottar Society maintains regular contact with former students and staff, and holds an alumni database of over 400 names. The Society organises and provides information on a wide range of events and can help you if you wish to organise your own year-group reunion. 

To find out more follow the Society on Facebook.

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On joining Dunottar, each new student is charged a fee of £75 for lifetime membership of the Alumni.  This money is used to help fund Alumni events and for projects that directly enhance and support pupil life at the school.   

In recent years, this has included the provision of a school minibus and a contribution towards the refurbish the food tech room.   

As the school community continues to grow at Dunottar the Society will also evolve and expand.   It is our ambition to relaunch the Dunottar Society in 2020, through a series of Alumni specific events that will offer networking, enrichment and added-value to ex-pupils, helping to raise valuable funds for bursaries and school developments. 

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