Dunottar Performs “Much Ado About Nothing” at Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival

18th November 22

On 15th November 2022, the amazing cast of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ took to the stage at the Leatherhead Theatre for their comic sixties-inspired version of the well-known Shakespeare play. 
Every year, thousands of young people from schools across the UK take part in the world’s largest youth drama festival. In preparation for their performance at the festival, Dunottar pupils from Year 7 to10 took part in a challenging and exciting 2-hour workshop with a theatre director from Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival. 
Mrs Sarah van Duijvenvoorde, Head of Drama, said, “We are immensely proud of every member of the cast for their hilarious and high energy performances. Each and every one of them was an asset to the school throughout the process and especially on the performance day, really stepping up to the challenge of performing in a professional theatre. Well done all!”
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