We are very excited about pupils and staff being back in school from Monday 8th March. In line with Government guidance, we have adapted our normal school routines, to provide as safe an environment as possible for our school community.

Our pupils, staff and parents have all received detailed information about the implementation of safety measures and what these mean in a practical sense and on a day-to-day basis. They include the following areas.


  • Pupils will be taught in Year group bubbles and will not interact with other year groups whilst in school.
  • Lunch times will be adapted to enable year groups to eat a hot meal together within their bubble.


  • Rather than pupils moving around the school between lessons, year group bubbles will be allocated to classroom zones for most of their lessons. Staff will travel between zones with appropriate care.
  • Recreational zones have been created to ensure year group bubbles can remain distinct and distanced during break times.


  • The number of taught lessons each day will remain the same but there will be a staggered start and end to the day for pupils.
  • Whilst the morning bus service will run as normal, there will be ONE return journey on all routes after school, leaving at 4.20pm. The late bus service will not operate until we are able to return to a full programme of after school co-curricular clubs and sports. We will continue to provide supervision of pupils after school until 5.30pm.


  • Pupils will continue to be offered a choice of nutritious hot and cold main courses and desserts, served in the Dining Hall in year group bubbles.


  • All school activities will have new risk assessments carried out, ensuring that guidance on COVID-19 is incorporated.
  • Current guidelines advise against all residential (ie. overnight) and international trips. These will, therefore, not take place until the situation changes, and government guidance is updated.


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